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Dimensions of the Colosseum
The Dimensions are as follows:

  • Shape of the Roman Colosseum: Oval

  • Capacity: Max: 80,000 spectators

  • Area covered: 6 acres

  • Number of Entrances: 76 entrances were numbered but there were an additional four grand entrances which were not numbered

  • Dimensions: Height - 50 metres high (187 ft), equivalent to a 12 storey building

  • Dimensions: Length - 189 metres (615 ft) long

  • Dimensions: Width - 156 metres 510 ft wide

  • Dimensions: Outer Circumference. The outer circumference measures 545 metres (1,788 ft)

  • Dimensions: Centre Arena: The center arena was 287 ft long and 180 ft wide. The arena was covered with 15cm of sand

  • Dimensions of Arena Wall: 15 ft high

  • Vaults span between 80 radial walls to support tiers of seating and for passageways and stairs.

  • The Hypogeum (meaning underground). The hypogeum consisted of two-level subterranean network of tunnels and 32 animal pens. There were 80 vertical shafts provided instant access to the arena for animals and scenery. Large hinged platforms, called hegmata provided access for large animals

  • Trap Doors in Arena: 36

  • Retractable Awning - the Velarium. Provided cover and shade: 3 stone brackets in each of the 80 bays. Brackets supported 240 wooden masts on which canvas awnings were hung

  • Drains were built 8m (26ft) underneath the structure

  • Foundations under the outer walls and seating were 12-13m (39-42ft) deep

  • Foundations under the inner ellipse of the arena were 4m (13ft) deep

  • Seating: 40cm width per spectator and 70cm leg room

  • Marble used - Approx 100,000 cubic metres

  • Rows of Seats: 60 -80 Rows of seats

  • Dimensions of the Different levels of the Colosseum: Level 1 - Ground Level

  • The first level is 34 ft high and the Doric arches are 23 ft high and 14 ft wide.

  • Level 2. The second level, in the Ionic "order" or style, is 38 ft high and the arches measure 21 ft high and 14 ft wide

  • Level 3. The third level, in the Corinthian style, is 37 ft high with the arches being 21 ft high and 14 ft wide.

  • Level 4. The fourth or top level is 45 ft high and had no arches.

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