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How to Make a Toga!
The content of this article provides interesting ideas about  How to Make a Toga! What items would you need to make a Toga? How to Make a Toga at home? Instructions for How to Make a Toga!  The Toga party theme was made popular by the the 1978 film Animal House and has become something of a ritual for graduation parties and as a great theme for easy fancy dress costume parties! Think Gladiator, Julius Caesar and Spartacus and how to make a toga!

How to Make a Toga - Description of a Toga
The word toga is derived from the Latin word 'tegere' meaning 'to cover'. It was a loose, outer garment without sleeves which was open from the waist upwards, worn by the ancient Romans, consisting of a single broad piece of woollen cloth of a shape approaching a semicircle. The toga was gracefully draped by placing an edge on the left side of the body which extended from the lower legs up over the shoulder, around the back and beneath the right arm. The loose end of cloth which remained was thrown over the left shoulder. The toga was generally worn over a tunic but for informal parties T- shirts and/or shorts are fine.

How to Make a Toga for a woman
In Roman themed parties it is acceptable for women to wear a much shorter and tighter fitting toga. Women can also wear the types of costumes and clothes associated with vestal virgins.

How to Make a Toga - choosing colors
The colour of the toga worn by men was generally white, that is, the natural colour of white wool. A black or dark colored toga was worn as a sign of mourning. The augurs wore a saffron colored toga. The colors of the borders on the toga indicated the status of the wearer. Choose colors for your toga which you associate with the Ancient Romans. White with Gold borders are good. White with Purple or red borders also work well. But to be honest any colors will do just as well!

How to Make a Toga - Materials required
The Materials required to make a really good toga consist of long strips of material. However if you are on a budget some old bed sheets are just as good!

How to Make a Toga from a Bed Sheet
How to make a toga from a bed sheet is easy! The type of sheet should preferably be white and the sheet you want to work with is an unfitted top sheet. The instructions on how to make a toga from a bed sheet is as follows - it's easier if you have someone to help with the draping:

  1. The bed sheet should be draped over a t-shirt and/or shorts

  2. Take a corner of the bed sheet in one hand and hold in front of the top of your left shoulder with your chin

  3. Drape the sheet firmly across your chest and tuck it under the right arm

  4. Wrap the toga around your back

  5. Tuck it under the left arm and again around the front of your chest

  6. Take the second corner and bring it across your chest, under your arm and around your back

  7. Bring the corner of the bed sheet up over your back

  8. Secure the two ends with a brooch, a safety pin or a knot

  9. The toga should be at least knee length

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