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History, Facts and Information about Roman Clothing for Women
The content of this article provides an overview of women's clothes providing interesting history, facts and information about Roman Clothing for Women. The ordinary clothing for women were the stola and the tunic. The tunic was an undergarment which was put on whereas the stola was considered an outer garment.

Roman Clothing for Women
The main items or garments of clothing worn by Roman Women were as follows:

  • Fascia - a simple brassiere (bra) in the form of a band, tightly tied around the body
  • Mamillare - Tight band bound about the bust worn over clothing
  • Tunica - chemise
  • Stola - robe
  • Stophium - chord or girdle
  • Palla - cloak
  • Suffibulum - veil

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Roman Clothing for Women - Underclothes, the Tunic
Roman women wore a simple bra in the form of a band called a fascia. The fascia was tightly tied around the body  across the bust and under clothing. The Roman Clothing of women also included of an item of underwear called a tunica interior, or subucula which was like a chemise which was worn next to the skin and reached the knees. This tunic was usually made of wool. The tunic in its variety of different forms could be worn by people of all classes and was worn usually with sleeves and cut in a variety of lengths and could be made from many different types of materials. Roman women's tunics were fuller and longer, usually extending to the feet. Outside the tunic was a chord or girdle was often worn which supported the breasts and was called a strophium. Over the tunic married Roman women wore a stola.

Roman Tunic

Roman Clothing for Women - Stola
The stola was an outer garment reaching the ankles. The stola was fastened round the body by a girdle with broad folds above the breast. The essential distinction between the tunic and the stola was that the latter always had an Instita or flounce sewed to the bottom of the garment reaching to the instep. The stola was usually fastened over the shoulder by a Fibula or clasp, and generally had sleeves. Over the stola the Roman women wore a long shawl, called a palla, when they went outside.


Roman Clothing for Women - Cloaks
The palla was a shawl like garment worn over the stola. Roman cloaks were a practical accompaniment to the basic clothes worn by Roman women such as the tunic and the stola. The purpose of Roman Cloaks were primarily to provide protection from the cold and rain. Some had hoods (cucullus) attached to them. The palla was rectangular in shape and was usually draped over the left shoulder, under the right arm and back across the body. It was carried by the left arm or thrown back again over the left shoulder. The palla could also be pulled up to cover the head. The paenula was a simple form of cloak, worn by both sexes and the abolla was the name of a cloak worn by wealthy and aristocratic Patricians and were made of different types of rich, costly materials.

Roman Cloaks

Roman Clothing for Women - Veils
Roman Clothing for Women also included a variety of different veils or head coverings. Veils were short and and kept in place with a brooch or pin called a fibula. Details, facts and information about different Roman Hairstyles, Hats, Jewelry, shoes , sandals and Make-up for women are described in the following links and via our extensive Sitemap:

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