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History, Facts and Information about Decius
The content of this article provides interesting history, facts and information about the Emperor Decius who ruled the empire of Ancient Rome. Read about the life of Decius who can be described or remembered as:

 "One of the most cruel persecutors of the Christians"

Short Biography about the life of Decius
Short Biography profile and facts about one of the most famous Romans of all, in the life of Decius , Emperor of Rome and provinces of the Roman Empire.

  • Name commonly known as: Decius
  • Latin Roman Name: Gaius Messius Quintus Traianus Decius
  • Reigned as Roman Emperor / Caesar: 249 - 251 (alone) and 251 with his son elder son Herennius Etruscus
  • Dynasty / Historical Period: Crisis of the Third Century (235 - 284). Era of the Barracks Emperors (238 - 268)
  • Place and Date of Birth: Born c201 in Budalia (Serbia)
  • Name of previous Emperor: His predecessor or the Emperor before Decius was Philip II
  • Family connections / Genealogy
    • Married: Herenia Etruscilla
    • Children: Herennius Etruscus and Hostilian
  • Place and Date of Death: Died June 251 in Abrittus (Bulgaria)
  • Name of next Emperor:  The successor to Decius was Hostilian andTrebonianus Gallus

Interesting facts about the life of Decius
Obtain a fast overview of the times of the Roman Emperor Decius from the following facts and information about his life. Why was Decius famous? Accomplishments, achievements and important events. The predecessor to Decius was Philip the Arab who had ruled with mildness and was an enemy to persecution. In A.D. 249, however, the Illyrian army had revolted, and proclaimed their commander, Trajanus Decius, emperor.  Decius defeated Philip the Arab near Verona, and put him and his eleven years old son to death. In A.D. 250 the Goths invaded the empire. These fierce barbarians came from the north of Europe, and were among the chief instruments of the fall of Rome. Decius, who lacked skill and courage, was finally defeated and slain by the Goths, together with one of his sons. Decius is remembered as one of the most cruel persecutors of the Christians. The innocent victims of his rage were subjected to torture, driven to hide in the wilderness among rocks and forests. The Bishop of Rome, Fabian, the bishops of Antioch and Alexandria and many more eminent in the Christian Church suffered from the unrelenting severity of this persecutor.

Decius - Crisis of the Third Century - Era of the Barracks Emperors (238 - 268)
The Crisis of the Third Century was the period in Roman history following the death of Alexander Severus when Rome entered into the era of Military Anarchy commonly known as the Crisis of the Third Century. During the Crisis of the Third Century, lasting over 50 years, not one single Emperor died of natural causes. Revolts sprung up in virtually all of the provinces and ambitious men struggled for power. During the crisis there were civil wars, street fights between the citizens of Rome and soldiers of the imperial guard,  fierce foreign enemies, plagues, famines, fire and earthquakes. The "Barracks Emperors" (238 - 268) were all military generals who seized power by force. Taxation was high, the economy was failing and Roman territories were being captured by barbarians and the Roman government was unstable. During this uncertain era and violent environment the promise of an afterlife seemed to be the only thing to hope for. And people started to turn towards a new religion, Christianity.

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