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History, Facts and Information about Florianus
The content of this article provides interesting history, facts and information about the Emperor Florianus who ruled the empire of Ancient Rome. Read about the life of Florianus who can be described or remembered as:

 "The Emperor who ruled for 88 days..."

Short Biography about the life of Florianus
Short Biography profile and facts about one of the most famous Romans of all, in the life of Florianus, Emperor of Rome and provinces of the Roman Empire.

  • Name commonly known as: Florianus
  • Latin Roman Name: Caesar Marcus Annius Florianus Pius Felix Invictus Augustus
  • Reigned as Roman Emperor / Caesar: Ruled in the year 276 for just 88 days
  • Dynasty / Historical Period: Crisis of the Third Century (235 - 284) the era of Illyrian Emperors (268 - 285)
  • Name of previous Emperor: His predecessor or the Emperor before Florianus was
  • Date succeeded as Emperor of Rome and circumstances of rule: Tacitus
  • Place and Date of Death: Died in the year 276 near Tarsus
  • Name of next Emperor:  The successor to Florianus was Probus

Interesting facts about the life of Florianus
Obtain a fast overview of the times of the Roman Emperor Florianus from the following facts and information about his life. Why was Florianus famous? Accomplishments, achievements and important events. The previous Emperor, Tacitus,  had appointed his half-brother Florianus as Praetorian Prefect and together they campaigned in the East against the invaders. However, Tacitus died in A.D. 276, at Tyania, in Cappadocia. The circumstances surrounding his death remains a mystery - he was either assassinated or died of the plague. His brother Florianus then ascended the throne. Shortly after Florianus had been declared emperor the armies and provinces of Phoenicia, Palestine, Syria and Egypt declared for the brilliant soldier, Probus. Florianus turned from pursuing the invaders to confronting Probus and his army. Although Florianus had the larger army the military skills and experience of Probus led the downfall of Florianus. After a few weeks of fighting, Florianus was assassinated by his own troops near Tarsus. He had reigned about 88 days - his successor was Probus.

Florianus - Dynasties of Roman Emperors - Illyrian Emperors (268 - 285)
The Illyrian Emperors (268 - 285). The "Illyrian emperors" is the name given to the Roman emperors who governed the Roman Empire between 268 and 282. Illyria was  a region in the western part of today's Balkan Peninsula. The people for Illyria were renown for their military prowess and they became an important source of manpower for the Roman army. Because of their military strength many of the emperors from this period came from Illyria. 

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