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The content of this article provides interesting history, facts and information about life in Ancient Rome including Timeline of Roman Emperors. This Timeline of Roman Emperors provides details of all of the "official" Roman Emperors together with details of the usurpers and pretenders who were also proclaimed emperor.

The names of the thirty usurpers or pretenders are detailed after the Timeline of Roman Emperors.

27BC-14AD: Augustus Caesar "The first Roman Emperor"
14AD-37AD: Tiberius "The Emperor who trusted Sejanus and lived in Capri"
37-41AD: Caligula "The Evil Emperor who proclaimed himself a god"
41-54AD: Claudius "The bumbling Emperor who married the infamous Messalina"
54-68AD: Nero "The mad tyrant who blamed the Christians for the burning of Rome"
68-69AD: Galba "The old man the first in the Year of the four Emperors"
69AD: Otho "The greedy ruler who lasted just three months"
69AD: Vitellius "The man who killed his dissolute son" Timeline
69-79AD: Vespasian "The Emperor who built the Colosseum"
79-81AD: Titus "The Emperor who destroyed the temple in Jerusalem"
81-96AD: Domitian "The evil emperor who murdered thousands of Christians"
96-98AD: Nerva  "The first of the Five Good Emperors"
98-117AD: Trajan "The Emperor who left the legacy of Trajan's market and Column"
117-138AD: Hadrian "The Emperor who built Hadrian's Wall"
138-161AD: Antoninus Pius "The Excellent Emperor"
161-180AD: Marcus Aurelius "The Philosopher, last of the Five Good Emperors"
161-169AD: Lucius Verus: Joint Rule with Marcus Aurelius
177-192AD: Commodus "More savage than Domitian, more foul than Nero".
193AD: Pertinax "The Emperor who was murdered by the Praetorian guard"
193AD: Didius Julianus "The man who paid to become Emperor"
193-194AD: Pescennius Niger "The Black Emperor"
195-197AD: Claudius Albinus  "The Emperor who made a bad deal..."
193-211AD: Septimius Severus "Emperor who increased the Praetorian Guards to 50,000"
198-217AD: Caracalla "The common enemy of mankind."
209-212AD: Geta "The hated brother of Caracalla..."  
217-218ADMacrinus  "The Praetorian guard who killed Caracalla..."
218AD: Diadumenian "The Boy-Caesar - killed when he was 10 years old"
218-222AD: Elagabalus "He married a Vestal Virgin and then took a husband..."
222-238AD: Alexander Severus  "He who revoked all former edicts against the Christians"
235-238AD: Maximinus Thrax  "The Thug..."
238AD: Gordian I "The Octogenarian..."
238AD: Gordian II "Co-Emperor with his father"
238AD: Balbinus "The Orator and Poet..."
238AD: Pupienus  "The Disciplinarian..."
238-244AD: Gordian III "Grandson Of Gordian I and Nephew Of Gordian II"
244-249AD: Philip the Arab "Philip and Severa - the first Christian imperial couple"
244-249AD: Philip II "The boy emperor who died in his mother's arms"
248AD: Pacatian "The Usurper from Bulgaria..."  
248AD: Jotapian "The Usurper from Syria..."  
249-251AD: Trajan Decius "One of the most cruel persecutors of the Christians"
251AD: Herennius Etruscus "Killed by a Goth's arrow"  
251AD: Hostilian "The Emperor who died from the Plague"
251-253AD: Trebonianus Gallus "The Emperor, the Plague, the Persians and the mutiny"
251-253AD: Volusian "The son who was raised to the position of Joint Emperor"
253AD: Aemilian "Three months as Emperor, then death"
253-260AD: Valerian  "The Emperor who was skinned and stuffed with manure"
253-268AD: Gallienus "Famine, Plague and the 'Thirty Tyrants"
268-270AD: Claudius II (Gothicus) "He fought the Goths, the Vandals and Traitors..."
270AD: Quintillus  "Champion of the Senate"
270-275AD: Aurelian "The illiterate military genius..." 
267-273AD: Zenobia  "The Warrior Queen..." 

Interregnum - A Period of about 6 Months when the Empire was without an Emperor.

275-276AD: Tacitus "The Emperor who followed the Interregnum..."
276AD: Florianus "The Emperor who ruled for 88 days..."
276-282AD: Probus "The Emperor who believed that idle hands make mischief..."
282-283AD: Carus "The Frugal emperor..."  
283-284AD: Numerian "The Emperor whose body was left to rot..."
283-285AD: Carinus "The debauched Emperor suspected of incest..."
285AD: Nigrian "Was this infant the product of incest?"
284-285AD: Julian of Pannonia "The last usurper before the Roman Empire was split..."

In 285 the Roman Empire was split in half by Diocletian into the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire)

The Western Roman Empire

284-305AD: Diocletian "The Emperor who split the Roman Empire..."
286-305AD, 306 - 308 AD, 310 AD: Maximianus(with Diocletian 286-305AD, and ruled again after a brief abdication 306-308 and then again in 310AD)
287-293ADCarausius "The Usurper Emperor of the Britannic Empire..." 
293-296AD: Allectus "The second Usurper Emperor of the Britannic Empire..."
296-297AD: Domitius Domitianus "The Usurper Emperor of Egypt..." 
305-306AD: Constantius Chlorus "The Emperor who recovered Brittania..."
305-311AD: Galerius  "The Emperor who persecuted the Christians but eventually begged for their prayers..."
306-312 AD: Maxentius "The Usurper Emperor who provoked another Civil War..."
306-309: Valerius Romulus "The Boy Emperor who came from a family of Emperors..."
306-307 AD: Severus II  "The Emperor who was murdered at Tres Tabernae..."
307-337 AD: Constantine the Great "The Christian Emperor who united the Empire..."
309-313 AD: Maximinus "Killed in Tarsus with his wife and children ..."
308-311 AD: Domitius Alexander "The usurper Emperor of Africa..." 
308-324 AD: Licinius I "The Emperor who fought against Constantine the Great..."
314 AD: Valerian Valens "The Emperor whose death formed part of a peace treaty..."
317-324 AD: Licinius II "The Son of the Emperor who plotted with the Goths..."
317-326 AD: Crispus "The Caesar who was falsely accused of treason..."
323-324AD: Sextus Martinianus "Executed on orders from Constantine"
335-337AD: Delmatius  "The Emperor who died in a blood bath..." 
335-337AD: Hannibalianus "Ruled as 'Rex' or King..."  
337-340AD: Constantine II "Killed fighting over territory with his brother..."
337-350AD: Constans  "The Emperor who was put to death by an ambitious soldier..."
337-361AD: Constantius II  "The second and worst of the sons of Constantine the Great..."
350-353AD: Magnentius "The Christian Emperor who fell on his sword..."
351-353AD: Decentius "The Usurper Emperor who hung himself..."
350AD: Vetranio  "The Emperor who was stripped of the purple ..."
350AD: Nepotian "The Emperor who had his head paraded on a spear..."
351-354AD: Constantius Gallus "His pardon failed to reach the executioner..."
360-363AD: Julian the Apostate  "The Last non-Christian Roman Emperor..."
363-364AD: Jovian "The Emperor who re-established Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire..."
364-375AD: Valentinian I "The Emperor given to fits of rage..."  
364-378AD: Valens "The Emperor who allowed the Goths to settle on Roman territory..."
365-366AD: Procopius "The last of the Constantinian dynasty dies..."
367-383AD: Gratian "The Emperor who was deserted and murdered by his soldiers..."
375-392AD: Valentinian II "The Emperor who was strangled to death..."
379-395AD: Theodosius I "The Emperor who resisted the Barbarians..."
383-388AD: Magnus "Was this Emperor the nephew of Old King Cole?"
383-408AD: Arcadius "The Emperor who engaged Alaric the Goth to be the guardian of the Eastern empire..." 
387-388AD: Flavius Victor "The Usurper whose mother was a Queen of the Britons..."
392-394AD: Eugenius  "Executed by beheading" 
393-423AD: Honorius "The End of the Gladiators and the Sack of Rome..."
400-404AD: Arcadius "Dominated by Rufinus..."  
402-450AD: Theodosius II "The Emperor who introduced the law code of Theodosius II..."
407-411AD: Constantine III "The Usurper Emperor who was ordained priest hoping for mercy..."
408-411AD: Constans II "The Usurper Emperor who was betrayed by his general..."
409-410: Priscus Attalus "The Usurper Emperor who was banished..."
409-410 & 414-415AD: 411-413AD: Jovinus "The Emperor who defeated at the siege of Valence..."
412-413AD: Sebastianus "The Usurper Emperor whose head was sent to the imperial court..." 
421AD: Constantius III "The Emperor who retrieved the western empire from the brink of disaster..."
423-425AD: Ioannes "Captured, mutilated and while still living, set upon an ass in the Roman Circus and finally killed..." 
425-455AD: Valentinian III "The Vandals were coming and so was Attila the Hun..."
450-457AD: Marcian "The Emperor who refused to recognize the emperors of the West"
455AD: Petronius Maximus "The Assassin Emperor..."
455-456ADAvitus "The Emperor who was backed by the Visigoths..."
457-474ADLeo I "The Emperor who was known as 'the great Thracian' by friends and 'the Butcher' by his enemies..."
457-461AD: Majorian "The Emperor who gained victories over the Franks & Vandals..."  
461-465AD: Libius Severus "The Puppet Emperor who was probably poisoned..."
467-472AD: Anthemius  "The Emperor who believed that he was a victim of sorcery..."
472AD: Olybrius "Pawn of Ricimer, who died of dropsy..."  Roman Emperors Timeline
473-474AD: Glycerius "The Exiled Emperor ..." Roman Emperors Timeline
474-475AD: Julius Nepos "The Emperor who was killed by the man he had deposed..."
475-476AD: Romulus Augustus "The Last Roman Emperor..."

Eastern Empire (Byzantine) - Timeline of Gallic Emperors

253-255AD: Valerian II
259AD: Saloninus
260-261AD: Macrianus
260-261AD: Quietus
260AD: Regalianus
259-268AD: Postumus
268AD: Laelianus
268AD: Marius
268-270AD: Victorinus
270-273AD: Tetricus I
270-273AD: Tetricus II

Timeline of Roman Emperors - the Usurpers or Pretenders
The above Timeline of Roman Emperors provides details of all of the "official" Roman Emperors together with details of the usurpers and pretenders who were also proclaimed emperor or empress. The names of the usurpers or pretenders are as follows: Cyriades, Postumus, Postumus the Younger, Lollianus, Victorinus, Victorinus the Younger, Marius, Ingenuus, Regalianus, Aureolus, Macrianus, Macrianus the Younger, Quietus, Odaenathus, Herodes, Maeonius, Ballista, Valens, Valens the Elder, Piso, Aemilianus, Saturninus, Tetricus the Elder, Tetricus the Younger, Trebellianus, Herennianus, Timolaus, Celsus, Zenobia, Victoria, Titus, Censorinus. 

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