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History, Facts and Information about Valerean Valens
The content of this article provides interesting history, facts and information about the Emperor Valerean Valens who ruled the empire of Ancient Rome. Read about the life of Valerean Valens who can be described or remembered as:

 "The Emperor whose death formed part of a peace treaty..."

Short Biography about the life of Valerean Valens
Short Biography profile and facts about one of the most famous Romans of all, in the life of Valerean Valens, Emperor of Rome and provinces of the Roman Empire.

  • Name commonly known as: Valerean Valens
  • Latin Roman Name: Caius Aurelius Valerian Valens
  • Reigned as Roman Emperor / Caesar: He was created 'Augustus' by Licinius I in 316 AD
  • Dynasty / Historical Period: In 285 the Roman Empire was split in half by Diocletian - The Western Roman Empire and the other half became known as the Eastern Roman Empire or the Byzantine Empire
  • Place and Date of Death: Died 317

  • For the names of the next Roman emperors in the East and the West of the Empire refer to the Timeline of Roman Emperors  

Interesting facts about the life of Valerean Valens
Obtain a fast overview of the times of the Roman Emperor Valerean Valens from the following facts and information about his life. On the death of Galerius in 311AD there were four men calling themselves Emperors - Licinius in Asia, Daza Maximin in Egypt, Maxentius at Rome, and Constantine in Gaul. During their joint reigns Licinius and Constantine were almost continuously at war with each other. Valerean Valens had been the dux limitis in Dacia (Thrace). This title indicated that he was a commander of high rank in the Roman army who was responsible for at least two legions. Licinius appointed Aurelius Valerian Valens as his fellow Augustus in early December 316 to assist him in his battles against Constantine. Licinius was defeated in battle by Constantine in 317 and forced to surrender and make peace. Terms for the treaty  demanded by Constantine included the order for Licinius to depose and execute the newly appointed Valerean Valens.

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