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History, Facts and Information about Evil Roman Emperors
The content of this article provides interesting history, facts and information about the most Evil Roman Emperors. The Evil Roman Emperors that we have nominated are based on personal views. The old saying "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" was never so true than when describing the lifestyle of so many Evil Roman Emperors.

These men had the instant power over life and death. They were spoilt and pampered. They became unprincipled, immoral and debauched. Is it surprising that these men abused their power to become one of the most Evil Roman Emperors? Cruel, murderous, incestuous, merciless, tyrannical, pitiless, sexually depraved and savage are just some of the words which can be used to describe many of the characteristics of these evil Roman emperors. 

List of Evil Roman Emperors
We have selected eight of the most Evil Roman Emperors. Click one of the following links for history, facts, short biography and information about these bad and downright evil rulers of Ancient Rome. Our list of Evil Roman Emperors include the following despicable rulers of Ancient Rome:

  • 14AD-37AD: Tiberius "The Emperor who trusted Sejanus and lived a debauched life in Capri"

  • 37-41AD: Caligula "The Evil Emperor who proclaimed himself a god"

  • 54-68AD: Nero "The mad tyrant who blamed the Christians for the burning of Rome"

  • 81-96AD: Domitian "The evil emperor who murdered thousands of Christians"

  • 177-192AD: Commodus "More savage than Domitian, more foul than Nero".

  • 198-217AD: Caracalla "The common enemy of mankind."

  • 218-222AD: Elagabalus "He married a Vestal Virgin and then took a husband..."

  • 283-285AD: Carinus "The debauched Emperor suspected of incest..."

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