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History, Facts and Information about Good Roman Emperors
The content of this article provides interesting history, facts and information about life in Ancient Rome and those powerful men who can be described as the Good Roman Emperors. Given that their power was absolute and their lifestyle pampered and lavish it was surprising that there were men who could be described as Good Roman Emperors.

For details of the worst rulers of Ancient Rome please click the following link:

Evil Roman Emperors

List of Good Roman Emperors
We have detailed those rulers who have been named the 'Five Good Roman Emperors' who were given this name by historians. Click one of the following links for history, facts, short biography and information about these good rulers of Ancient Rome. Our list of Good Roman Emperors include the following most praise-worthy rulers of Ancient Rome:

  • 96-98AD: Nerva  "The first of the Five Good Emperors"

  • 98-117AD: Trajan "The Emperor who left the legacy of Trajan's market and Column"

  • 117-138AD: Hadrian "The Emperor who built Hadrian's Wall"

  • 138-161AD: Antoninus Pius "The Excellent Emperor"

  • 161-180AD: Marcus Aurelius "The Philosopher, last of the Five Good Emperors"

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