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History, Facts and Information about Greek and Roman Gods
The content of this article provides interesting mythology, facts and information about Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses. The Greek and Roman Gods worshipped by the two nations had similar roles and duties. However, their names were different. The religion of the Romans differed in some respects from that of the Greeks.

For information regarding the differences between the Greek and Roman religion please click the following link:

Greek and Roman Religion 

Different Names of Greek and Roman Gods - Mythology
In the mythology of the Romans there are separate Latin and Greek names for one imagined divinity. Examples of these separate names are  "Ares" of the Greeks and "Mars" of the Latins, "Poseidon" of the Greeks is "Neptunus" of the Latins, "Aphrodite" of the Greeks is "Venus" of the Latins.  More names of Greek and gods of the Romans are shown in the list on the following table. Click the following link for a List of Roman Gods including the minor gods of the Romans.

List of Names of Greek and Roman Gods (Major)
The following table contains a list of names for the equivalent major classical Gods of the Greeks and the Romans:

  • Phoebus Apollo: Roman Name: Apollo: God of the Sun, poetry, music and oracles

  • Dionysus: Roman Name: Bacchus: God of Wine

  • Demeter: Roman Name: Ceres: Goddess of Agriculture

  • Eros: Roman Name: Cupid: God of Love

  • Artemis: Roman Name: Diana: Goddess of Hunting

  • Maia: Roman Name: Fauna: Goddess of Animals

  • Chloris: Roman Name: Flora: Goddess of Flowers and Spring

  • Tyche: Roman Name: Fortuna: Goddess of Fortune

  • No Greek Equivalent: Roman Name: Janus: God of Doors and beginnings and endings
    Hera: Roman Name: Juno: Goddess of Marriage

  • Zeus: Roman Name: Jupiter aka Jove: The King of the Gods and the God of the sky

  • Ares: Roman Name: Mars: God of War

  • Hermes: Roman Name: Mercury: Messenger of the Gods and Finance

  • Pallas Athena: Roman Name: Minerva: Goddess of Wisdom

  • Poseidon: Roman Name: Neptune: God of the Sea

  • Hades: Roman Name: Pluto: God of the Underworld and Death

  • Kronos: Roman Name: Saturn: God of Time, Harvest and Agriculture

  • Aphrodite: Roman Name: Venus: Goddess of Love and Beauty

  • Hestia: Roman Name: Vesta: Goddess of the Hearth, the Home and the Roman state

  • Hephaestus: Roman Name: Vulcan: God of Fire, the Forge and Blacksmiths

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