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History, Facts and Information about Roman Gods and Goddesses
The content of this article provides interesting history, facts and information about Roman Gods and Goddesses.

Table and List of Roman Gods and Goddesses (Major)
The following table contains a list of names of the major Roman Gods and Goddesses:

Apollo - God of the Sun, poetry, music and oracles

Bacchus - God of Wine
Ceres - Goddess of Agriculture
Cupid - God of Love
Diana - Goddess of Hunting
Goddess of Animals
Flora - Goddess of Flowers and Spring
Fortuna - Goddess of Fortune
Janus - God of Doors and beginnings and endings
Juno - Goddess of Marriage
Jupiter - King of the Gods and the God of the sky and rain (aka Jove)
Mars - God of War
Mercury - Messenger of the Gods and of Commerce and Finance
Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom, the City, Education, Science and War
Neptune - God of the Sea
Pluto - God of the Underworld
Saturn - God of Harvest and Agriculture
Venus - Goddess of Love and Beauty
Vesta - Goddess of the Hearth and the Roman state
Vulcan - God of Fire, the Forge and Blacksmiths

List of Names Roman Gods and Goddesses (Minor)
The following table contains a list of Roman Gods and Goddesses (minor):

Abundantia - Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity
Aesculapius - God of Health and Medicine
Aurora - Goddess of the dawn
Bubona - Goddess of cattle
Candelifera - Goddess of childbirth
Carmenta - Goddess of Childbirth and Prophecy
Clementia - Goddess of forgiveness and mercy
Cloacina - Goddess who presided over the sewers in Rome
Concordia: Goddess of agreement
Cybele - Earth Mother
Deverra - Goddess of midwives and women in labor
Discordia - Goddess of Discord
Edesia - Goddess of food who presided over banquets
Epona - God of horses
Fabulinus - God of children
Fama - Goddess of fame and rumor
Felicitas - Goddess of good luck and success
Fides - Goddess of loyalty
Hercules - God of strength
Hespera - Goddess of dusk
Hippona - Goddess of horses
Honos - God of military honours and chivalry
Invidia - Goddess of envy or jealousy
Iris - Goddess of the rainbow
Justitia - Goddess of justice
Juventas - Goddess of youth
Libertas - Goddess of freedom
Libitina - Goddess of death, corpses and funerals
Luna - Goddess of the moon
Mithras - God worshipped by Roman soldiers
Muta - Goddess of silence
Necessitas - Goddess of destiny
Nemesis - Goddess of revenge
Opis - Goddess of Fertility
Pax - Goddess of peace
Pietas - Goddess of duty
Pomona - Goddess of fruit trees
Portunes - God of Keys
Proserpina - Goddess of Grain and Queen of the Dead
Sancus - God of loyalty, honesty, and oaths
Sol Invictus - sun God
Somnus - God of sleep
Sors - God of luck
Spes - Goddess of hope
Tempestes - Goddess of storms
Tranquillitas - Goddess of peace and tranquillity
Trivia - Goddess of magic
Veritas - Goddess of virtue and truth
Victoria - Goddess of victory
Voluptas - Goddess of pleasure
Volturnus - God of Water

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