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Toga Party Ideas!
The content of this article provides interesting ideas about  how to host a Toga Party. What items would you need to host a Toga Party? What to wear at a toga party? Ideas for Toga Party invitations! Ideas for toga party themes and planning a toga party. There are many advantages to holding a toga party. The theme is basically about the Romans and Ancient Rome.

The clothes worn at a toga party just have to fit in with the 'Roman' theme. Creating a home-made toga is fun and is also cheap! But if you want the Roman theme and the toga party to extend to gladiators then just let guests know on the toga party invitations! The toga party theme was made popular by the the 1978 film Animal House and has become something of a ritual for graduation parties and as a great theme for easy fancy dress costume parties! Think Gladiator, Julius Caesar and Spartacus!

Toga Party Theme
The Toga Party theme extends to anything that you can associate with the Ancient Romans. Dress up in cheap home made togas. Hire a gladiator costume. Design a vestal virgin costume. Dress up as a Roman slave! Dress up in a costume as a Roman Emperor or Roman Empress. Make a list of any items that you associate with the Romans, we've started you off on a great list with some good ideas to help you create the Roman theme or toga party.

Toga Party Ideas for Planning a Toga Party
The following list of Toga Party ideas will help with planning a toga party with a difference and give you some inspiration on how to host a toga party. Add to the list of ideas!

  • Colors

    • Choose your Toga Party color theme

  • Decorations

    • Make some Toga Party decorations - Decorate with vine leaves, drapes of plain white with touches of colored materials especially velvet

  • Toga Party Menu

  • Toga Party Invitations

  • Create a Roman Throne

    • Cover a big chair with a colored cloth and use this to take souvenir photos of all the guests

  • Prepare some Toga Party Games

    • Some games and a Roman quiz (if your guest would appreciate this)

Toga Party Ideas - Color your party!
Choose colors for your toga party decorations which you associate with the Ancient Romans. White and Gold are good. White and Purple also work well.

Toga Party Decorations!
Choose some great toga party decorations continuing your Roman theme,  here's some great ideas:

  • Toga party decorations - think of grapes and vine leaves!
  • Couches for reclining at the banquets
  • Wine goblets
  • Posters of Romans and Gladiators
  • Roman Urns
  • Roman Columns
  • Fake vines made with green crepe paper
  • Surround punch bowls, tables and chairs with vine leaves
  • Plastic toy swords and shields
  • Make some gold colored Roman Eagles
  • Make some other Roman Standards such as SPQR. Make a large Banner with a Roman theme.

Toga Party Menu
Create the right atmosphere and create a toga party menu. Include the menu with your invitation! Request that your guests all bring along at least one item of food for the Roman banquet! Our pages on Ancient Roman Recipes and Roman Food will help. A sample Toga Party Menu is as follows:

Egg dishes
Small rolls sprinkled with poppy-seed and honey
Hot sausages
Prawns in a sauce
Liver pate
Nuts and fruits
Small Cheesecakes
Almond cakes

Toga Party Invitations
Make your own free do-it-yourself invitations by using a free template by clicking Toga Party Invitations. When they are ready roll them up into scrolls and distribute them by hand - use some Roman clipart to brighten then up!

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