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The Roman God Apollo
The way of the Romans was to adopt various elements from other cultures and civilisations. This included the Roman religion which was highly influenced by the Ancient Greek religion and gave the Greek God names the equivalent Roman names. The Roman priests then adopted the mythology or stories about the Gods and Goddesses and evolved a Roman Gods Family tree detailing how each of the Roman Gods and Goddesses, like Apollo, were related.

Greek and Roman religion and mythology therefore become closely entwined.

Mythology surrounding Apollo
The mythology and information about the Roman God Apollo

  • Name: Apollo

  • A major deity and one of the 12 Olympian Gods

  • Jurisdiction: Apollo was described as being the Roman God of the sun, music, medicine and healing, archery and prophecy

  • Mythology: Mythical Family Tree or Relatives: He was believed to be the God of the Sun. Hewas the son of Jupiter and Latona. His twin sister was Diana.

  • Depiction / Description / Symbol: the golden lyre, the snake, laurel and hyacinth

  • Name of equivalent Greek God: Phoebus Apollo

  • July 6 to 13 the Ludi Apollinares were games held for the Roman people in honour of Apollo

  • Sacrifices to Apollo - During sacrifices to the Roman gods the sex of the victim had to correspond to the sex of the god to whom it was offered. White animals were given to the gods of the upper world whereas black victims to the gods of the underworld

Roman Mythology and Information about Apollo
Apollo was an important Roman god of the sun, music, archery and prophecy. According to mythology and legend he had a great battle with gigantic earth serpent Python at Delphi. His victory over the Python gave him his association with prophecy via the famous oracle at Delphi. His association with medicine and healing relates to the control he was believed to have over the plague. The Ancients Romans believed that he could bring good health or ill-health including the deadly plague. He was worshipped by many for his ability to cure.

Myths about the Roman God Apollo
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