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The Roman God Jupiter
The way of the Romans was to adopt various elements from other cultures and civilisations. This included the Roman religion which was highly influenced by the Ancient Greek religion and gave the Greek God names the equivalent Roman names. The Roman priests then adopted the mythology or stories about the Gods and Goddesses and evolved a Roman Gods Family tree detailing how each of the Roman Gods and Goddesses, like Jupiter, were related.

Greek and Roman religion and mythology therefore become closely entwined.

Mythology surrounding Jupiter
The mythology and information about the Roman God Jupiter

  • Name: Jupiter aka Jove

  • A major deity and one of the 12 Olympian Gods

  • Jurisdiction: He was described as being the Roman God of the Skies and King of the Gods

  • Mythology: Mythical Family Tree or Relatives: Jupiter was believed to be the King of the Gods

    • Hewas the son of Saturn and Opis

    • The brothers of Jupiter were Pluto, and Neptune

    • The sisters of Jupiter were Vesta, Juno and Ceres

    • Jupiter was the father of Vulcan, Venus, Minerva, Apollo, Diana, Mercury, Bacchus, Mars and Proserpina

  • Depiction / Description / Symbol: His symbols include the oak, the eagle, the bull and the thunderbolt

  • Jupiter was the patron god of the Roman state ruling over laws and social order

  • Capitoline Triad - The Capitoline Triad consisted of three major gods - Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. The largest temple in Rome was dedicated to Jupiter and situated on the Capitoline Hill.

  • Name of equivalent Greek God: Zeus

  • The Vinalia festival was celebrated on 23rd April when the wine-skins of the previous year were opened and the wine tasted  was dedicated to Jupiter

  • September 4 to 19 was the Ludi Romani which were the festival of games for the people of Rome in the honour of Jupiter

Roman Mythology and Information about Jupiter aka Jove
The monarch of the heavens in the mythology of Rome is Jupiter aka Jove. Jupiter was and the god of sky and thunder and the father of many of the gods, and he is often spoken of as father of gods and men. He is the father of Vulcan, Venus, Minerva, Apollo, Diana and of Mercury who are all ranked among the twelve superior Olympian gods. Jupiter was the son of Saturn who was born from Uranus which is the name of the Heaven. His mother was Ops (or Opis) and they were both from the race of Titans, who were the children of Earth and Heaven, which sprang from Chaos. The thunder was his weapon and he bore a shield called Aegis which made for him by Vulcan. The eagle was his favorite bird, and bore his thunderbolts.

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Myths about the Roman God Jupiter

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