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What was the Roman Republic? Definition of the Ancient Roman Republic
What was the Roman Republic? Definition: The Roman Republic is the term used to refer the period in Roman history when Rome and its territories were ruled without a king or emperor.

The Roman Republic Timeline - Helpful Facts and Info about the Roman Republic
This Timeline of Ancient Rome provides fast facts and interesting information about the Roman Republic.

The Roman Republic was the ancient Roman state which started in 509 BC and lasted until Augustus assumed power in 27 BC.

  • 509 BC: Rome replaced the Etruscan rulers with a Republic during the History of Rome

  • 387 BC: Gallic invasion of Italy

  • 390 BC : Destruction of Rome by the Gauls

  • 451-449.: The Decemvirate formed - a body of 10 magistrates

  • 343-341 BC: 1st Samnite War

  • 326-304 BC: 2nd Samnite War

  • 98 to 290 BC: 3rd Samnite War

  • 264-146: The Punic Wars - a series of three wars fought between Rome and Carthage

  • 202 BC: Battle of Zama, Scipio defeats Hannibal

  • 215 to 148 BC: Macedonian Wars (Four Wars) with Northern Greece

  • 146 BC: The consul Lucius Mummius razes Corinth, marking the end of free Greece

  • 133-132 BC : The tribune Tiberius Gracchus unleashes the mob with promises of food and lands. He is murdered by members of the senate whose wealth and power is threatened

  • 112-105 BC: The Jugurthine War with Numidia.

  • 107 BC : Consul Gaius Marius makes dramatic reforms to the Roman army in the History of Rome

  • 91 BC: Drusus, another tribune proposing reforms, is murdered in Rome, triggering the Social War

  • 90BC: Civil War in Rome

  • 88 BC: Sulla marches on Rome and becomes Dictator

  • 78 BC : Death of Sulla

  • 73 BC: Outbreak of Third Servile War, led by the slave and gladiator Spartacus

  • 71 BC: Revolt of Spartacus crushed by Pompey and Crassus

  • 70 BC: Crassus and Pompey become joint consuls

  • 59 BC: Julius Caesar becomes consul an important event in the History of Rome

  • 59 - 53BC: Pompey, Marcus Licinius Crassus Gaius Julius Caesar dominate the Late Roman republic through a political alliance called the First Triumvirate

  • 58 BC : Julius Caesar campaigns in Gaul

  • 55 BC : Julius Caesar attempts to invade Britain

  • 49 BC: Caesar's army crosses the Rubicon and Civil War begins between Caesar and Pompey

  • Julius Caesar is victorious, becomes dictator and then conquers Gaul

  • 47 BC : Caesar invades Egypt and appoints Cleopatra queen

  • 44 BC: Julius Caesar is assassinated; Marcus Antony controls Rome

  • 43 BC : The Second Triumvirate established between Octavian (Julius Caesar's adoptive son) and Marc Antony

  • 42 BC : Octavian takes control of Italy

  • 31 BC Battle of Actium, Octavian defeats Marc Antony and Queen Cleopatra

  • 27BC: Octavian, became, as Augustus Caesar, the first emperor of Rome and the Roman Republic comes to an end - The Fascinating History of Rome

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