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Roman Architecture
The word Architecture is defined as the 'art and science of designing and erecting buildings' and the Romans were masters of Architecture and the design and erection of buildings. The skills of the Romans in building and engineering, including their invention of concrete,  resulted in different types and styles of architecture including the building of forts, villas, temples, towns, baths, great walls and roads - changing the face of Europe forever.

Facts and Information about Roman Architecture
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Range of Roman Architecture
This section of the website provides an overview of Roman Architecture, much of which is featured in the construction, design and building of the Roman Architecture. Basilicas, Baths, Amphitheaters such as the Colosseum, Triumphal arches, Villas, Temples, Roads, Forts and Stockades, Towns and Aqueducts. Facts and Information about their discovery of concrete and their famous columns and arches.

Roman Architecture - the Colosseum
The Colosseum was situated in the centre of Rome, it was in fact a symbol of the might, the wealth and the power of the Roman Empire. The Colosseum took less than 10 years to build, a remarkable achievement for the excellent engineers and their famous engineering skills. The architecture of the Colosseum illustrates their use of one of the Romans most famous inventions - concrete. The Roman arch was prominently featured in the design and building of the Colosseum as were the different styles of architecture reflected in the Roman columns. Look carefully at pictures of the Colosseum and you will see Tuscan columns at the bottom, then Ionic, with Corinthian columns in the third storey.

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