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Roman Weapons
The history, facts and information about roman weapons including those used by the gladiators in the Colosseum. The army, the legions, centurions and the soldiers. Their armor, helmets, shields, siege weapons including the catapult and ballista, the chariots and facts about the different types of weapons, clothing, armor and shields used by soldiers and gladiators.

Roman Weapons
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Weapons of the Roman Soldiers
Roman Siege Weapons
Gladiator Weapons
Roman Gladiator Armor
Roman Soldiers
Roman Standard
Roman Soldiers Clothing
Roman Navy
Roman Army
Roman Army Formations
Roman Army Ranks
Roman Legion
Roman Cohorts
Roman Triumphs
Roman Tribune
Roman Centurion
Roman Helmets

Roman Siege Weapons
Facts and information about the Roman Siege Weapons including the Tormentum, Ballista, Testudo, Vinea (arbor-sheds), Helepolis, Turris, Battering Ram and the Wild Ass (Onager).

Roman Weapons used by the Soldiers
The weapons of the Roman Soldiers consisted of a light spear, a pilum, or javelin, over six feet long, terminating with a steel point and a short cut-and-thrust sword with a double edge.

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