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The history, facts and information about Roman Army. Life in the army, the legions, centurions and the soldiers of Rome. The Romans were essentially military and antagonistic in all their tastes and habits. Twenty-five legions made the conquest of the known world, and retained that conquest for five hundred years. The army of the Romans was one of the greatest armies that the world has ever seen.History, interesting facts and information on the army:

Soldiers, Consuls, Centurion and Tribune, Ensigns, Flags, the Standard, Army Ranks Dictionary, Soldiers and the clothing, the Legion and Cohorts, army battle plans and formations.

Roman Army
For many centuries the Legions was composed exclusively of Roman citizens. Up to the year B.C. 107, no one was permitted to serve among the regular soldiers except those who were regarded as possessing a strong personal interest in the stability of the republic. The following list and links provide an index to the articles and contents of this category. Click a link for comprehensive facts and information and details relating to the Army:

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